Installation, Commissioning and Recommendations

The true value of our plant audits is in the quality of the recommendations we provide and in our commitment to helping you implement those that will bring you the most benefit. Our team will work closely with you to prioritise, plan and execute any necessary work so that the intended results are achieved for the least cost in the shortest possible time. Typical installation (enclosure, disconnect device, fused isolation transformer, master control relay, terminal blocks and wiring ducts, suppression devices). Checking that all cable connections between the PLC and the plant are complete, safe, and to the required specification and meeting local standards. Input devices can be manipulated to give the open and closed contact conditions and the corresponding LED on the input module observed. Forcing also can be used to test inputs and outputs. This involves software, rather than mechanical switching on or off, being used with instructions to turn off or on inputs/outputs. Most PLCs contain some software checking program. This checks through the installed program and provides a list on a screen or as printout with any errors detected.